Insurance crime does not pay

17/09/19 General

The insurance industry is increasingly taking what could be termed a ‘lie detector’ approach to both insurance claims and insurance proposal form submissions. It is using collaborative approaches and insurance ‘forensics’ to wheedle out and identify individuals and businesses either seeking to defraud insurers through false or exaggerated claims or pay lower premiums by deliberately […]

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Allergen Law Tightening Means Insurance Should be on the Menu

10/09/19 General

Food safety legislations is being reinforced and extended, with the arrival of ‘Natasha’s Law’, which should be in place within two years and this means that insurance protection is likely to become even more relevant for food service operators. The extension of the law follows the case of 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who suffered an allergic […]

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Why Publicans Need to Put Their Insurance House In Order

03/09/19 General
image of bar (pub)

Running a pub is a challenging task these days.  Figures show that one pub closes every 12 hours and that’s not just because the bell has been rung on last orders.  Various factors have created economic uncertainty, but there are also other pitfalls waiting to catch out a pub that lacks the right insurance safety […]

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Anti-Plastic Sentiment and the Accompanying Insurance Considerations

27/08/19 General
cotton swabs

By May 2020, plastic cotton buds should have disappeared from our shelves, following a new ban, continuing the spirit of that placed on micro-bead use within cosmetics production. Bans like this may become the norm and will undoubtedly be accompanied by a heightened focus on plastics recycling. Whilst we have all become used to recycling […]

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Assessing climate risk: How and why you should create your own view

20/08/19 General
climate change blog post image

As climate change activism is taking new forms, and new impassioned champions from younger generations are emerging to influence policy and decision making, large corporations are coming under increasing pressure from stakeholders to address climate risks. But what is really meant by climate risk? It’s a broad term that can mean different things to different […]

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