Brexit Holiday Disruption – Travel Insurance

14/03/19 General
travel effected by brexit

With the uncertainty of Brexit, it is important for holiday makers to check with their Travel Insurance Companies what is covered and what wouldn’t be should the UK leave the European Union. There are various articles on this but the link below appears to be a good starting point on which insurer is providing cover […]

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Fire-Ravaged Pubs Experience the Realities of Underinsurance

12/03/19 General
bar image

A few pints supped in front of a roaring fire is a walker’s perfect end to a winter’s ramble, but for the pubs providing the idyll, the flames, or the impacts of creosote build-ups in their chimneys, can lead to much more traumatic memories. Unfortunately, The Unruly Pig in Bromeswell in Suffolk is only too […]

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Don’t forget your Green Card

06/03/19 General
driving abroad

With Brexit getting closer, the Association of British Insurers have been advising how driving abroad will be affected by Brexit. In their recent article, under a no deal Brexit, Green Cards will be required as proof of insurance whilst driving abroad under EU Regulations. These documents will be supplied by insurers and customers would need […]

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Cosmetic sector’s plastics rethink creates new insurance needs

26/02/19 General

Cosmetic sector’s plastics rethink creates new insurance needs The fight against plastics in the UK cosmetics industry was ramped up in January 2018, with a nationwide ban on the microbeads that were being used in ex-foliating scrubs and other cosmetics. But following the cosmetic sector’s plastics rethink, have any other trends emerged, which could create […]

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