How you can fall victim to cyber crime

13/07/18 General

Cyber crime is an activity that can affect a wide range of individuals and organisations. The rise of hacking and malware remains ever growing with a number of high profile cases of data breaches. It is not always data these thieves are after, some want to encrypt your data and force you to pay in […]

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The insurance implications of Britain becoming a nation of fly-tippers

10/07/18 General

Britain’s landscape is becoming increasingly tainted by the blight of fly-tipping – an escalating issue which puts farmers and private landowners under particular strain and which has the potential to bring about their financial ruin. In June 2017, a House of Commons briefing paper recognised the scale of the criminal activity surrounding the illegal disposal […]

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Beware the Insurance Implications of Plastic-Sector Change

03/07/18 General

The ketchup or mayonnaise bottle is rapidly becoming an endangered species; those types of plastic that cannot be recycled are definitely feeling the squeeze. New pledges on the use of plastics have been issued by a variety of organisations, including every British supermarket. All have promised to ban the unnecessary use of single-use plastic packaging […]

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Business interruption insurance – the ‘often overlooked’ insurance

26/06/18 General

In 2018, business interruption (BI) topped the Allianz Risk Barometer for the sixth year running, as the key concern for businesses globally. Yet, some reports suggest that many businesses either have insufficient BI cover – or none at all. It’s estimated that 40% of UK SME businesses lack adequate business interruption cover and that only […]

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Company Collapses Highlight the Need For Trade Credit Insurance

20/06/18 General

Since mid-January, the news headlines have been dominated by the collapse of the UK’s second-biggest construction firm, Carillion. It is said that 30,000 supply chain businesses are directly, or indirectly, affected by its insolvency and inability to pay suppliers. Firms within the supply chain started to tumble like dominoes, as soon as Carillion’s position became […]

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