Learn the Lessons Facebook’s Data Breach Provided

23/05/18 General

Cambridge Analytica has been a name making global headlines lately, becoming infamous as the organisation which shook the digital world to its roots, following the Facebook data breach that saw the personal information of 87 million Facebook users. Whilst the manipulation of US voters was Cambridge Analytica’s mission, what a company whistle-blower has done is […]

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Carillion, the bad-debt domino effect, and how to avoid it

14/05/18 General

Another construction firm has gone bust, but this time it has attracted more attention than usual. Carillion’s suppliers are said to be owed a hefty £2 billion. This will have a knock-on effect for tens of thousands of businesses. The small firms that handled most of Carillion’s work will sadly be those most affected by […]

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The silver lining of the ‘Ogden rate’ cloud

08/05/18 General

The ramifications of Spring 2017’s ‘Ogden Rate’ changes are being felt across the personal-injury-prevalent motor and higher-risk trades, but is this anything to worry about and what can be done to lessen the pain? The Ogden rate is a calculation applied to lump sum payments awarded to those who suffer injuries, the impacts of medical […]

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Brokers v tick-boxes: The playing field will level

30/04/18 General

The reasons why clients prefer to use a professional insurance broker, rather than price comparison and aggregator websites, are likely to be reinforced by the end of 2018, as regulators seek to create a more level playing field when it comes to professional standards. For some years now, there have been concerns about the way […]

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Take charge of your online reputation

24/04/18 General

More than half of British businesses suffer unfair negative reviews, according to research by online reputation management expert Igniyte, but 40% of SMEs never bother to check whether any damaging reviews about their business have been posted online. These worrying figures suggest many of today’s SMEs, lacking an in-house IT or marketing department that can […]

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