Insurance Package Should Support Edible Packaging R&D

19/11/19 General

Edible Oohos capsules, made from seaweed-based Notpla, have recently attracted financial backing from a UK Government impressed by almost a year of trials and wishing to support plastic-free packaging innovation. But edible packaging may not be without risks, necessitating an examination of the types of insurance required by its manufacturers. Gyms and leisure complexes will […]

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Could Ogden Rate Premium Increases Affect Your Festival?

12/11/19 General

The much-anticipated Oktoberfest event will not take place in Dublin this year (2019) due to an “unprecedented” increase in insurance premiums. Sadly, this is just the latest event to be cancelled due to Ireland’s compensation culture, which is leading to event organisers having a reduced appetite when it comes to hosting an event on the […]

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Consult an Insurance Broker if Brexodus Hits Construction

05/11/19 General
construction cement truck

Talk of a ‘Brexodus’ within the UK construction industry, is underpinned by the fear that the extreme skills shortage already affecting the sector could be exacerbated. If this should occur, making an appointment to see an experienced insurance broker might be advisable, to add a layer of protection within various scenarios. EU construction workers currently […]

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Wimbledon and the weather

29/10/19 General

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships captivated tennis fans worldwide, whilst serving up around 54,000 balls, 140,000 bowls of strawberries, 10,000 litres of cream and even 5,000 bananas for players to munch on between games. In 2006, when they faced a £1m payout due to rain, it was said that they were insured. What is less well-known […]

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Looking for insurance? Tell the complete story and see the benefits

22/10/19 General
blurred book for blog post

The 21st-century world is flooded with ‘personalisation’ options; initials, embossed fashion items, must-guess-whois-driving number plates, pizzas with just your choice of topping and nobody else’s. Yet, whilst business owners are building their own burgers with zeal, they rarely appreciate that they can have a major influence when it comes to shaping their own insurance policy, […]

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