Laying claim to the fastest reporting

14/05/19 General

The world of motor claims management is changing apace. The main challenge is that of achieving continuous improvement in claims management, whilst keeping claims’ costs as low as possible, thus minimising any possible knock-on effect of higher premiums. There is growing awareness that faster reporting of accidents can greatly assist. If an insurer can be […]

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Do not let fate ruin your fête

07/05/19 General

In 2018 Britain had that rarest of things – a heatwave – but it may come as some surprise to learn that it still rained 40% of the time and on 147.4 days last year. In August, regarded as the height of summer, raindrops fell on 13.2 days. Whilst precipitation can be irritating for those […]

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PI Insurance placement gets tougher

30/04/19 General

Facing exacting questions at renewal is proving the order of the day for firms seeking to renew their Professional Indemnity (PI) cover, particularly for design and construction businesses. Brokers need to respond to this by being more alert than ever to the requirement to ask the pertinent questions to which insurers expect answers. Acting in […]

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Insurers demand transparency with regards to bankruptcy

23/04/19 General

Within the last nine months we have seen a stark warning, which those declared bankrupt in the past, or those considering this as a course of action in the future should heed carefully, given the potential impact it may have on their insurance status. In May 2018, one of Britain’s biggest insurers, Aviva, rejected a […]

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Attention All Landlords! Insurance: ‘10 Of The Best’

17/04/19 General

Finding relevant and pertinent insurance protection for commercial and residential properties can be a struggle for landlords, but as your broker, we have access to market leading cover offering all that a landlord requires. We can help landlords navigate what can be a huge issue – the potential trap of the sum insured and the […]

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