Vulnerable to theft

16/07/19 General

Although generally speaking there has been a downward trend in the theft of vehicles since 1995, in the year to March 2018, there was an increase of motor thefts, the highest annual total since 2009. Due to the way vehicle crime is recorded, it’s not possible to understand the exact nature of the vehicle thefts, […]

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How financial services can address the growing cyber risk threat

09/07/19 General

Financial institutions are in the unenviable position of being exposed to the full spectrum of cyber-threat actors, from amateur hackers like “script kiddies” who use off-the-shelf applications to vandalize websites, to “professional” hacktivists protesting against a symbol of capitalism, to organized crime looking to target “virtual” vaults, to state actors interested in disrupting a competing […]

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Harshest Environmental Negligence Judgement Sends a Message

02/07/19 General

A record fine for environmental negligence has been handed out to an Oxfordshire bakery, even though no actual environmental harm occurred. The Lady Bakery in Banbury was handed a fine of £180,000, made up of a £140,000 penalty for offences under the Water Industry Act 1991, plus £40,000 of legal costs. Given that this is […]

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Why Workplace Burn-Out Is a Risk Businesses Need to Factor In

25/06/19 General

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just categorised burn out as a serious health issue, resulting in articles including that by Dr Punam Krishan in iNews (May 31 2019). A “syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed” is how WHO has described burn out, which may not yet […]

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IP Insurance Required for When Legal Rulings are Bitter-Sweet

19/06/19 General

A 22-year copyright battle surrounding one of the most iconic anthems of our time – ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ – has finally been settled, with the announcement of this intellectual property battle’s resolution coinciding with the presentation of an Ivor Novello Award for outstanding contribution to British music, to cult hero and musician Richard Ashcroft. The […]

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