Cloud Security

14/11/17 General

 Is the Cloud really less secure than onsite? Cloud security. It’s one of the most frequently cited concerns for businesses that are considering moving their applications and data to a cloud provider. The common belief is the company’s data is more secure on company-owned servers at onsite data centres. But how true is this? Are […]

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Ilfracombe landlord sentenced

07/11/17 General

The landlord of a property in Ilfracombe has been given a suspended sentence for risking the lives of his tenants by undertaking dangerous gas work. Exeter Crown Court heard that in September 2016 Allan King replaced a boiler at his rented property on Arcade Road despite having no training in gas work and not being […]

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Escape of water: a strategic approach

01/11/17 General

At a glance Escape of water represents a large proportion of all property claims There are a range of common causes, making it difficult to manage and eliminate the risk entirely Our infographic explains how to approach escape of water risk management strategically, to achieve the best results Escape of water represents a large proportion […]

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Businesses face a new under-insurance risk…

24/10/17 General

Recent changes to the Ogden Discount Rate will see personal injury claimants receiving larger lump sums. As a result, businesses need to review their current indemnity limits on Public Liability cover, or risk being under-insured. The following example explains why. A Public Liability claim was made recently against an SME covered by an Employers/ Public […]

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Protecting your business against cyber-attacks

17/10/17 General

In May 2017, “WannaCry” ransomware reportedly hit over 200,000 computers in 150 countries, affecting many NHS Trusts in the UK. Operations and appointments were cancelled and ambulances diverted as up to 40 hospital trusts became infected by a ‘ransomware’ attack demanding payment to regain access to vital medical records. So what is the reality of […]

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