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Personal Accident Insurance is often an add-on to a Travel Insurance policy.

This cover protects the company, and should an employee be injured or worse, insurers pay the policyholder for a period of time.

It is even more essential to individuals working in high-risk industries, where accidents are more likely to occur.

How much Personal Accident cover will I need?

You can choose the amount of cover you need, starting from £5,000 to £100,000. The figure is the lump sum someone can be given if they are permanently injured in an accident and unable to work. The amount of cover you need is determined by the affect.

Where Personal Accident Insurance cover can help

Temporary injury - Can pay until the injured person can return to work (up to two years).

Permanent injury – Pays a one-off lump sum

Medical expenses - Pays medical expenses, physiotherapy expenses and counselling expenses.

As a business owner you need to be aware of the key risks that affect your company, both internally and externally, and we can assist with reviewing and minimising them. Some examples of risks are:

For your business

Personal Accident Insurance is essential to help an individual who has suffered an injury. It can also help your business if your employee is left unable to work.

Having a key member of your staff unable to work can cause difficulties for your business.

Our brokers can not only put insurance in place to support the individual, but help protect your business by offering financial support until you or they can get back to work.

The amount of money paid out by your chosen insurer depends on your policy details and the type of injury the employee has sustained.

If you, the business owner is injured, and you believe the business would struggle to operate without you, personal accident cover can support the business through pay-outs to subsidise the loss of income.

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