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Planning to head out on the open road?

The world’s biggest and oldest club, dedicated to all aspects of camping and caravanning encourages all holiday makers to insure their touring and motor homes. In particular, touring caravans transported by vehicles will not be protected under the majority of vehicle insurance policies.

Take care of your possessions, wherever you are

We all enjoy life’s luxuries and there is no doubt that you will be taking some of your possessions with you. Insurance policies can be individually-tailored to suit your requirements and should the worst happen, and you are burgled when you are out and about enjoying yourself, you can make a swift, stress-free claim.

Guard against accidental damage

While you are enjoying yourself, there is no guarantee that accidents will not happen. A comprehensive insurance policy will cover life’s mishaps and avoid unwanted repair costs.

Flood and Storm damage

Caravans are more fragile structures than bricks and mortar holiday homes. They are more susceptible to damage from storms, which are always a potential threat, especially when holidaying along the British coastline. A comprehensive insurance policy will make sure you are protected against this type of loss.

Malicious Vandalism

Caravans can be easier targets for vandals due their reduced structural integrity. Whether it is vandalised doors, windows or dented metalwork, choose a caravan insurance policy and secure the right level of protection.

L Wood Insurance Brokers are the premium choice for caravanners across the UK. We have the experience to advise you on the right policy for your requirements. For a quotation or for further information, please call us on 01274 515747 or email us at


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