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Whether your goods are being transported in a standard white van or a large Heavy Goods Vehicle, the situation is still the same i.e., the carriage of goods for hire or reward.

We can arrange Fleet insurance for everything from a single van to a multi-vehicle operation including fleets of cars, vans, national and international lorries and other large vehicles.

Insurance Needs

Even if deliveries are to a single point and not multiple destinations, not only does the vehicle need insuring but also the goods whilst in transit. They may become lost, damaged or be delayed in delivery which could incur a financial loss and affect the business.

Duty of Care

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to make sure goods are delivered professionally and within agreed timescales.

The responsibilities on yourselves include:

  • Making sure drivers are trained correctly to be safety conscious and look after their vehicle but also be mindful of others around them.
  • To make sure vehicles are properly maintained and fit for purpose for the goods that are being transported.
  • The packaging of the goods is fit for purpose and secured correctly.
  • Your customer is kept abreast at all times of the delivery should there be delays.

Our Approach

As an independent broker, we use a variety of insurers to suit the specific needs and requirements of our customers. We can provide cover for fleets of any sizes, including vehicles that are carrying hazardous goods and those who travel to high-risk locations. Our specialist fleet and haulage team can arrange both comprehensive and third-party cover and we can provide health and safety assessments and audits, legal expenses cover and foreign green cards if required. Our services can assist with all risk management, driving training, protection and surveillance technologies where required.

Depending on the size and complexity of your fleet and haulage operations, we can organise quarterly meetings to discuss situations, advise on claims and how to improve performance. Our bespoke approach on Fleet and Haulage insurance and the assistance we offer our clients frees them from regulatory compliance and ensures they can continue to run their business, mindful that their fleet is in safe hands.

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