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Each park is different in so many ways, such as location, site size, facilities and management style, and insurance providers can provide cover to accommodate most parks depending on some of their unique features.

Due to the number of variables to be considered, it is important that a bespoke policy or programme of insurance are in place.

We like to work with park owners in understanding their site and management style in order to share the information with our insurers and portray an accurate reflection of your park (again, no two parks are the same).

The main insurance elements are the property, business interruption and liabilities, and consideration can be given to include:

  • Construction, security and maintenance of amenity buildings.
  • Adequacy of rebuilding costs.
  • Extent of works undertaken by policyholder staff, for example groundworks for bases or movement of mobile homes.
  • Cover for care, custody, and control of customer’s property.
  • Maintenance programmes should be frequent, effective, and documented.
  • H&S, risk assessment and risk management should be up-to-date, effective, and documented.
  • Full scope of activities and services (public bar, events involving dance floors, door staff, swimming pools) should be considered.

We need to understand the make-up of the park, including the number of units, what types of structures there are and whether there is any glamping on-site?

Where would the park see their biggest losses in a case of claim? And what elements would be important for consideration with regard to business interruption?

What risk management practices are in place to mitigate any further claims?

Holiday Park Insurance is something that we in L Wood & Co have been involved in for over 30 years, and we really enjoy visiting our clients on-site to review their policies and any future developments for the parks.  Often, we see the need for, and implement, a Contract Work policy for when new buildings/underground structures are undertaken or assist with the addition of new vehicles.

We also take a hands-on approach with claims, assisting the park when incidents arise and are involved in the whole claims process. 

Over the years we have also built a close relationship with our parks’ customers, where individuals own the caravans and lodges, and pay the park ground rent. We have assisted in insuring these privately-owned structures, giving both the owners and the park peace of mind that there is adequate insurance in place. On larger parks we can organise a special insurance rating which is exclusive to that park.

Being a broker means that we can discuss the park’s insurance requirements with various insurers, rather than being tied to one provider.

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