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Ensure your holiday home, villa or apartment is protected by taking out a comprehensive overseas property insurance policy.

Investing in overseas property can be costly and take up a lot of your time, even before any renovation and repairs.

Our specialist brokers can assess your overseas property to make sure it is fully covered with one of our UK-based insurer partners, giving you peace of mind that your holiday home investment is safe.

Why choose a UK-based insurer to look at your overseas property?

Many overseas property owners are confused over how to insure the property, often choosing a local policy in the country.

They believe buying a local policy is best because they assume the insurer understands what cover is needed for your property due to their knowledge of the area.

However, our experience of foreign property insurance has seen people fall foul of being underinsured and having difficulties due to a language barrier.

Having a UK-based insurer gives you clear guidance on all foreign laws, regulations and potential pitfalls in the specific country.

We can tailor an overseas property insurance policy to cover essential and common risks that can occur when your property is left unoccupied or if you decide to use the property for holiday letting.

When the unexpected occurs, you also have a UK-based claims handler to help you through.

Can I change the use of the property to/from a holiday home?

You are able to change this by giving us a call to confirm the correct details.

Am I still covered if I use the property myself and have holiday home insurance?

As you are the owner of the property, you are covered. If you decided to stop letting the property, you may see a reduction in your premiums.

To find out more and to discuss your needs, please contact us on 01274 515 747 or email us at mail@lwood.co.uk


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