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If you are looking for high net worth home insurance, then you will naturally be seeking a robust, fit-for-purpose and reliable home insurance policy that meets the unique needs of your property and its contents.

Our high net worth customers value the personal touch when it comes to their insurance needs. Online and phone brokers simply don’t offer the level of expertise and understanding of this special group’s needs and standard insurer products typically fail to provide the right level and degree of cover that is required.

If your home falls into the high net worth home insurance category, then you will be looking for a comprehensive home insurance package that meets your unique needs, with flexibility as needed and the support of a highly-experienced delivery team that can provide the right product, quickly and at the right time.

Our team of insurance and risk management experts at L Wood offer exactly that. We employ highly-experienced insurance professionals with particular expertise in the high net worth insurance and risk management field. We work with a panel of highly-trusted, respected insurers who are tried and tested in their field. We find the most fit for purpose high net worth home insurance policies at the right price, with specific cover for high-value items, such as art, jewellery, collector’s items and other valuable contents and building items.

Whether your home is listed, architecturally designed, or houses valuable assets on site, we can help. We can advise on the special terms for security that insurers may require to insure you, and at all times we act as an experienced broker, translating your needs to insurers, removing the legwork for you, dealing with paperwork and queries and generally taking the hard work away from you! Simply tell us what you need, discuss the parameters of your requirements, and let our team do the work.

Throughout your relationship with us we will always offer you the personal touch, a rapid service and total quality at all times. We can offer a range of insurance products that suit your risk management needs and you will always have the peace of mind that comes with using an extremely proficient, professional and high-quality insurance brokerage operation with specific expertise in the high net worth insurance field.

To find out more and to discuss your needs, please contact us on 01274 515 747 or email us at mail@lwood.co.uk


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