Reinstatement, does it always make sense?

24/07/17 General

Many property insurance policies are underwritten on a reinstatement basis. Reinstatement means repairing (or replacing) a building to the exact specifications as before it was damaged. In most situations this would be perfectly suitable, but if there is a better way of reconstructing or repairing the building at no extra cost, then should this be […]

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Planning an event this summer? Make sure you are insured

18/07/17 General

Summer is a time of festivals, fetes and fun. But given that you are dealing with members of the public, the British weather and other potential unforeseen events, it is essential to make sure you are adequately insured. Whether you are staging a sporting event, charity fundraiser or village fete, whether it’s large or small, […]

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Unmanned Aircraft Flying Above

04/07/17 General

Unmanned aircraft may sound like they belong in a scene from some science fiction movie set, but they are already out there enabling jobs to be done more safely and at lower cost, ranging from agricultural monitoring to wildfire surveillance and infrastructure maintenance. In the UK, a House of Lords committee has recommended that a […]

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New Rules on Discrimination Claims

27/06/17 General

Earlier this year the UK’s employment tribunal system underwent some significant reforms. These reforms will have an impact on employers and directors who may become embroiled in employment disputes, especially where allegations of race, sex or age discrimination are made. The reforms include the power for employment tribunals to impose a financial penalty for breaches […]

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