Why you should use an insurance broker

If you are thinking of buying an insurance policy for something you do not know much about, or insuring something out of the ordinary, you should think about using an Insurance Broker.

Even for run of the mill insurance requirements, many policies vary and it is important to get the best cover available at a competitive price.

Insurance comparison sites are increasing and they look for the cheapest insurance, but this doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best in terms of cover. Their policies offered are fairly generic so if you want a policy that meets your individual circumstances, it would be best to use a Broker.

There are several reasons why it is better to use a Broker for all your insurance requirements:-

  • It is important to get expert advice on what you are trying to insure including the caveats, clauses and warranties that policies provide.
  • It is better to know that there are options and, depending on the requirement, there are different types of cover available to help.
  • It is important to find the right product for yourself. Many insurances overlap and some have particular clauses that may not be suitable for your Needs & Requirements.
  • There may be insurances you would not have thought about and a Broker can advise on these so you know what is available. From emerging insurances, for example Cyber Liability and Financial Crime to Private Medical Insurance, Income Protection – these can be discussed in detail which comparison sites do not mention.
  • An Insurance Broker will take care of your claims, including liaising with Loss Adjusters which can be time consuming and a hassle to yourself.

An Independent Insurance Broker works with a select group of insurers who are in regular contact and can provide bespoke insurance solutions. No two companies or policyholders are the same and each have individual Needs & Requirements.

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