Third-Party app stores: Are they a risk?

It is not just your computer that is at risk of being hacked by cyber thieves but your mobile and tablet devices as well.

Our phones have become key to our daily lives and how we run our business on the go, but even something as simple as downloading an app can put your security at risk.

A growing trend has seen users turn to third-party app stores to find alternatives or free versions of those on reputable app stores.

However, the apps available could be a copycat version with the sole purpose of tricking users into divulging credentials, personal information and credit card information.

This information could be unknowingly given to a hacker or could contain malware that infects your device once opened.

There are fewer restrictions when submitting an app to these stores which is how these scams have surfaced. To find apps, we would recommend you should use reputable stores that extensively review the applications before they become available.

A reputable store can still have issues and does not 100% guarantee every app is safe, so it is best to remain vigilant by seeking out users reviews before downloading.

It is recommended new apps should only be installed by those who need them for a job role in order to reduce the risk of unnecessary and potentially harmful apps gaining access to your network.

Social media can also be another tool used by cyber thieves to gain access to your information. By changing your privacy settings on your social media accounts, you drastically reduce your risk of cyber thieves using your identity to create fraudulent accounts.

The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) has published some helpful guides to help you make your social media accounts as private and safe as possible.

Click your required social media guide using the buttons below to be taken to the PDSC document.

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