Planning an event this summer? Make sure you are insured

Summer is a time of festivals, fetes and fun. But given that you are dealing with members of the public, the British weather and other potential unforeseen events, it is essential to make sure you are adequately insured.

Whether you are staging a sporting event, charity fundraiser or village fete, whether it’s large or small, indoor or outdoor, whether it is not-for-profit or business, you need to plan for all eventualities.

Ensuring the safety of all those participating and attending has to be a priority, but there are also many other factors to consider. What if there is bad weather on the day? What if attendance is reduced due to a transport problem? What if the event is disrupted, causing you financial loss? What if a supplier lets you down? Can you insure against lack of interest or poor ticket sales? What if you need to cancel?

You can be sure not everything will run like clockwork and you need to prepare for the unexpected. What if hire equipment gets damaged? Can you arrange cover for antiques and collectables? Can you ensure revenue from a charity event? What about property insurance? What about transport on the day? Can volunteers drive a minibus or do you need special insurance? What if you have booked a guest speaker, or advertised a celebrity attending and they do not turn-up, especially if you have paid deposit, or in full beforehand?