Make Cyber Insurance a Priority

The UK Cyber Centre, NCSC, established in 2016 to protect the UK from a cyber-attack – something viewed a threat as dangerous to the UK as terrorism – has prevented 1200 attacks in the last two years, according to its annual report. The central body overseeing cybersecurity in the UK is currently defeating around 10 attacks every week, as well as working to combat phishing. For instance, more than 746,000 phishing emails were blocked in just one month within the NHS network.

The NCSC has also actively closed almost 140,000 websites which were established by cybercriminals to resemble the sites of banks, Government agencies and businesses, to dupe consumers and businesses into revealing personal financial details.

Many of the attempts to breach cybersecurity that have been repelled were perpetrated within nation states hostile to the UK and NSCS is said to be on a heightened level of alert following the Salisbury nerve agent attack. UK businesses need to be just as aware of what could emerge and should protect themselves and their assets.

In this climate, all businesses should be seriously considering cyber insurance. To find out more about this now almost ‘vital’ type of insurance protection and how it can safeguard your business, please speak to one of our team.