How L Wood Can Protect Your Home During December

December is on the horizon. A time spent with loved ones, celebrating traditions, and exchanging gifts. Although a wonderful time of year, it’s, unfortunately, a time when rates of burglary increase, weather conditions seem to be harsher and the risk of fire is higher due to the use of Christmas lights. 

Here at L Wood, we offer home insurance that can protect both your home and its contents, in the case of damage that occurs throughout the holiday period. 

Contents Insurance

At L Wood, we are aware that December brings risks with celebrations such as Christmas and Eid-ul-Adha, so we offer contents cover for your furniture and valuables, as well as building insurance.

Accidental Damage

Christmas and seasonal celebrations mean that there are most likely to be more guests in the house, which will increase the risks of breakages and mishaps to valuables. Again, our contents cover will ensure all valuables are covered. 

Fire Damage 

In the case of a fire occurring due to the use of fairy lights or candles, our building insurance will also cover damages. Choosing our building and contents combined insurance will cover all damage done as a result of fire damage. 

Weather Damage

December is seen as a high-risk time not just due to the holiday festivities, but also a time of year when weather conditions are unpredictable. Therefore, having contents and building insurance is advisable. Again, this insurance will protect your home and its contents, including Christmas presents and decorations. 

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