Here’s why you need high net worth home insurance

High value homes and their contents need a level of protection that standard policies often can’t provide. The answer? High net worth home insurance.

If you have a special home, then you need an equally special home insurance policy that is up to the job of protecting it. 

There may be a number of reasons why your house is so valuable – it could be listed, or perhaps it is architecturally important. Alternatively, it might be home to other high value items that need protecting, such as an art collection. 

Whatever the reason for its high value, a standard home insurance policy is not likely to meet your needs. 

What is high net worth home insurance?

High net worth home insurance is different. Crucially, the service you’ll enjoy with this level of home insurance will be far more personal and bespoke to your needs. Your insurance will be managed by a team of highly experienced experts who will work with you to ensure that you have exactly the right insurance product at the right price. 

Here at L Wood, we work closely with a panel of insurers who we trust to deliver the kind of specialist insurance our high net worth customers need. They are experts in appraising the value of your property or its contents, and they help us to deliver an insurance product that meets exactly the level of risk and the degree of cover that you are looking for.

Why choose high net worth home insurance?

So what are the advantages of taking out high net worth home insurance? Well, with the right insurance product in place, obviously the biggest benefit is peace of mind that your most valuable assets are protected. 

But high net worth home insurance also often has other advantages, such as higher single item limits and fewer restrictive clauses and conditions. 

High net worth home insurance generally includes buildings insurance, contents insurance and valuables insurance. These usually provide far higher levels of home cover levels than a standard policy – and in many cases offer the option to have unlimited cover.

If you’re looking for an expert partner in the area of high net worth insurance and risk management, the L Wood team are ideal. We’ll take a personal approach to your insurance needs and act as a broker between you and the insurers themselves – meaning that you get exactly the policy you need, without the hassle.

To discuss with one our experts about whether high net worth home insurance is the right product for you, call us on 01274 515 747 or email us at mail@lwood.co.uk.