Get to know our commercial broker, Stephen Finnon

We understand that the world of insurance can be overwhelming, and it often remains a mystery to clients what it is we actually do.

To give clients a better understanding of how we aid in serving their insurance needs, we had our commercial broker Stephen Finnon give us some insight into his role at L Wood. Stephen is an important part of our team and has been with the company for a number of years. When he’s not in the office, Stephen enjoys watching football, cooking with his kids and walking his dog, Hugo!

Can you explain to clients your role as a commercial broker?

As a commercial broker, I cover a range of different work for our clients. I take care of new business as well as existing clients. I also look after various complex claims that have occurred to clients, and no two claims are the same. I look to provide the most robust insurance coverage at the best possible terms, and this involves liaising with many insurers and negotiating a comprehensive solution.

So, a typical day for me (after I arrive in the office bright and early at 7.45), is sorting through the various emails from the late afternoon/evening before (some clients contact us well into the night). I then decide which needs actioning immediately and which are less urgent, and I plan my morning accordingly. Every day is different, though.

How do you work with clients to meet their insurance needs?

We usually have the most contact with clients around renewal time. We start the renewal process up to 3 months in advance and make contact with the clients with regard to any alterations or changes in the business or if any incidents have occurred. Sometimes it can just be a general catch-up. If it is a private client, we ask if there is anything we need to be made aware of that may affect the insurance renewal.

Can you talk about your background in insurance?

I fell into insurance. I always had an interest in maths, and so I thought I would end up doing something that involved numbers. About 20 years ago, I moved down to England from Scotland and began with another insurance company based in Bradford. I then found myself working within different companies, both local and national firms. After spending time working at a national firm, I decided I missed working for a family-run business, so I was lucky enough to land a position at L Wood, a family-owned business that operates within the local area.

How does L Wood add a personal touch to their insurance?

I think that L Wood adds personal touches to their insurance plans through the close relationships they have built with clients. Many businesses have been clients of ours for decades. Therefore, we have a great understanding of how they operate and what their feeling is towards risk and their concerns. We then put a planned solution in place accordingly.

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