Driving in France – changes in French law

As at the 1st July it will become obligatory for all vehicles (including UK vehicles) but excluding mopeds that whilst driving in France the vehicle must carry a breathalyzer or alcohol level test.  From the 1st November, this will be enforced and there may be an €11 fine for not having one in the vehicle.  These can be bought in French supermarkets, chemists and garages at a cost of €1 each and I imagine they will sell them on the cross channel ferries.

The vehicles must also carry a warning triangle, a reflective jacket (EN471), a GB sticker or number plate with the EU logo, a valid in force motor insurance certificate, a headlamp converted to driving on the right hand side and both paper and photo card parts of the UK driving licence.  Snow chains must also be fitted to vehicles using snow covered roads in compliance with the relevant road signs.

In January this year the French also introduced a Law banning use of satellite navigation systems to show the location of speed cameras.  Those caught could be fined €1,500 even if the device is not in use.

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