Coronavirus Update: Assessing Measures to Return to Work Safely 

Following the latest government advice, we will be carrying out a risk assessment of our office as we look to create a safe working environment for our employees.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have continued to limit the number of staff in the office to maintain social distancing and allowed others to work from home. 

By taking advice from the latest government guidelines, we will be looking to bring more staff back to the office in stages.

This will start with one at a time and as cases of the coronavirus decline, we hope to gradually reintroduce whole specialised teams back into the office.

We are actively assessing our workspaces and will be installing screens, as well as continuing to provide masks, gloves and sanitizers to our staff.

As we look into these vital matters of staff safety, we are actively following government advice and will act on any such advised changes.

You can find the latest government guidelines on working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) by clicking here

In the meantime, we are either in the office or using a laptop from home so if you any queries please contact us in the usual manner.