Changes to driving licence rules in Great Britain

Driving licence rules will be changing from 19 January 2013. There will be many new rules for motorcycles, cars towing trailers, buses and lorries. As part of the changes to the new rules for driving, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will also be issuing a new style of driving licence to carry all your entitlements to drive. The key changes are:-


  • There will be four categories for mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles: ‘Mopeds’, ‘small motorcycles and tricycles’, ‘medium motorcycles’ and ‘all motorcycles and tricycles’. Your entitlement to ride the different categories will depend on your age and experience.
  • There will be new restrictions for existing and new drivers who wish to tow a trailer.
  • The age when you can drive different vehicle types will change. This will affect both new and existing drivers who want to drive new vehicle types.
  • Drivers of minibuses, buses and lorries will also have changes to how long their licence will be valid.

Don’t forget if you are driving without a valid licence it may invalidate your insurance policy. To find out more about how these changes could affect you.

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