Advantages of using a broker

Using a broker over the convenience of comparison websites has many advantages for the customer, so don’t be fooled by the offer of a free gift.

Comparison sites lure us into thinking we have gotten a great deal by supposedly highlighting the best available on the market. However, often this is not the case because some insurances are not listed on the site and customers are paying a commission as high as 24% on average.

So what are you paying for?

Comparison sites offer little advice on what is best for you and can leave you paying for something you don’t need or even worse, paying and not getting the right cover. Before you decide to renew or look at a comparison site again for insurance, you may want to learn about the pros of using a broker.

Our advice is free – We take the time to talk through your personal situation and make sure you pay for what you need. We can be flexible – Comparison sites mean there is little room for discussion. A broker can help get the best deal for clients. A familiar face – You don’t get passed on to people. You get a personal service and deal with someone you know directly.

Trustworthy – The best brokers choose to use trustworthy and specialist insurers
Our Knowledge – You gain our industry expertise gained over years of experience and can answer any question you have regarding the cover.
Pay for what you need – A broker policy may be slightly more expensive than you a market comparison site. However, the cheapest option can seem like you are fully covered but that is not always the case. You could also pay for something you don’t actually need.

Personalised service – A broker pretends a tailored package that offers value for money without compromising the level of cover.

Make life easier – The majority of policies can cover everything you need – home, contents, cars and travel insurance with one renewal date and one direct debit.

So next time you are looking for insurance, why not try a broker? Please feel free to give us a call on 01274 515747 or email mail@lwood.co.uk