What is Medical Aid Insurance?

Policies vary, but most Private Medical Aid insurers will cover for inpatient treatments (when you have to admitted to hospital for at a night) and day care surgery. You will also be able to get cover to help pay for treatments and consultations with specialists as an outpatient.

GP practices are under a huge amount of pressure, even before the COVID 19 pandemic. Over the last few years, even more strain has been put on the NHS, and obvious sign of this is an increase in waiting times for a face-to-face GP appointment. For those that can afford it, private medical Aid insurance provides one way to access and pay for the medical treatment when you need it. To help you decide if private medical Insurance it right for you, our quick guide to what it is, what it does and does not cover and the kind of values it has to offer.

Generally, Private medical Insurance will allow you to have elective treatment, when and where to suit yourself. It will not cover chronic conditions such a Diabetic care, treatment and care during pregnancy unless there are complications, cosmetic surgery, organ transplants, and injuries picked up doing a dangerous activity such as an extreme sport.

You may need to see a specialist, or have a scan, Xray, CT scan, MRI or ultra sound. This can be covered by private insurance and will also allow you to chose who you see, at a hospital of your choice at a time to suit yourself. Appointments can be arranged in a much shorter wait time than equivalent in the NHS.

Just because private medical care is paid for it does not necessarily mean it is better than the NHS. Serious conditions such and Heart Attacks and Cancers are given priority within the NHS, and treatment is prioritised under the NHS. Medical Insurance may not cover for certain drugs and these serious conditions anyway.

The cost will vary depending on which insurer you choose and also the levels of cover you decide on.
Policies can be for an individual or for a family, or in many cases, a company will set up a policy as a benefit.

An alternative to a Private Medical Policy would be a CASHPLAN. This will give you money back when you have to visit a Dentist, Dental accident and Injury, Optician, Physiotherapist, Chiropodist and Chiropractor. You can also claim money back for prescription and inoculations. Some policies also offer to cover the excess on your private medical insurance, Personal Accident cover, Employee Assistance Programme (Mental Health and wellbeing) and Health Screening.

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