What an insurance broker actually does – and why you need one

With free advice and comparison sites available online, why work with an insurance broker? Here, we share exactly what an insurance broker does – and the benefits of using one.

What exactly is an insurance broker? They are an insurance specialist, dedicated to helping their clients find the right insurance for their needs, and at a price they can afford. So what are the most important benefits of using one?

1. The best insurance is the cover that best meets your specific needs

That is a major point of difference with the kind of insurance products that you are likely to come across when you search online. Searching on comparison sites will generally only give you standard, generic policies. 

Our experience shows that most of our clients really see the value in dealing with a broker as no two companies are the same and each face different risks. Have a bespoke Insurance Programme protects you and your company.

2. A broker will be able to find the specialist cover you need

In some cases, you might need specialist insurance – for example if you have a pre-existing condition but you still want to be covered abroad. 

One of the biggest advantages of using a broker is that you are able to tap into their extensive market knowledge. They are likely to have good existing relationships with insurers and will work hard to find the specialist insurance product you need.  

A good broker will have access to a broad range of insurance policies that they can offer you – and that you almost certainly won’t find online.

3. A broker works for you, not for the insurers

And if you ever do need to claim, they can act for you. Having an experienced, expert broker on your side can save you time and money, and ensure that any claims you make are settled.

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