How technology can make insuring your commercial vehicles simpler

Technology is making life simpler for fleet managers. Now, new software from L Wood is transforming the accident reporting and insurance claims process too.

Commercial fleet managers have a lot on their plates. They have many responsibilities that are key to the successful and productive running of their business. 

These include everything from managing their drivers and maintaining the vehicles, to keeping costs low and their drivers and the public safe. 

Tech is transforming the fleet industry

Fortunately, technology has already made an immeasurable impact on the fleet industry. 

There was a time when drivers had to navigate using paper maps: now they use GPS tracking and navigation tools. Dash cams have made it simpler for fleet managers to get an accurate picture of what is actually happening out on the road. 

Telematics now uses GPS and onboard diagnostics to provide fleet managers with real time information on their vehicles. Those managers can then simply use their smartphone to quickly and accurately get a picture of the current performance and location of their vehicles. 

We’re even seeing the development of technology that monitors driver behaviour as they drive, using dual facing dash cams to identify if they are driving dangerously or if they are not paying attention. 

Making accident reporting and insurance claims simpler

Even so, fleet managers still have a lot to juggle and so anything that also makes insuring fleet vehicles simpler and more efficient is always welcome. 

Here at L Wood, we are firm believers in using technology to make the entire insurance process simpler. It’s why we are so proud of our latest product for fleet managers, developed in partnership with Bright Spark Broker Tech. 

iVAR is our new vehicle accident reporter, which simplifies the claim notification process for fleet managers in case of an accident. Because it is quick and straightforward for drivers to use, and brings all of the most important information together in a format that’s easy to share and submit, it reduces the administrative burden on fleet managers. 

Best of all, it offers great added value on top of your insurance service, as it is completely free for all L Wood Fleet and Motor Insurance clients. Here’s how it works.

A streamlined and stress-free experience

An accident is a difficult and stressful time for all parties. But is also critically important that everyone collects all of the relevant information and reports what has happened accurately and efficiently. iVAR makes this easy by replacing the traditional insurer ‘bump card’ with a card with a QR code. 

In the event of an accident, your driver simply scans this with their smartphone, and it takes them to our online portal where they can notify us of the accident. iVAR takes your driver through exactly what they need to do on the scene, step by step, meaning that everyone can be confident that correct process has been followed. Drivers can even upload photos to iVAR from the scene of the accident to help with the claim. 

Obviously, it’s not always easy to report an accident on the scene, so your drivers can also save and continue their report once they are back in the office. Office-based staff can access and submit a report from their desks too. 

Once you’re ready, iVAR automatically generates a claim report and emails copies both to your fleet managers and to us for review. 

If you would like to find how iVAR could simplify your claim notification process, talk to one of our experts today about your specific needs. Just call us today on 01274 515 747 or email us at mail@lwood.co.uk.