Claims Assistance

In recent years commercial insurance claims have become more technical, complex and time consuming for all parties involved. Commercial insurers will invariably appoint their own loss adjuster to establish if a claim is a covered loss under the policy and to protect them against over payment. It is your responsibility to prepare the claim and to ensure you claim for everything you are entitled to.

Insurers have struggled to meet the support required by you the client and in these situations, it is imperative that interim payments under the Business Interruption cover are made quickly to ensure that your business remains cash rich and keeps the business afloat whilst your premises are repaired.

Commercial Loss Recovery Insurance provides you with your own Claims Expert to protect your interests and to remove the burden of spending countless hours preparing your claim. Your Claims Expert will be a fully qualified Chartered Loss Adjuster who will ensure that you receive the best help possible throughout the process.

The services Commercial Loss Recovery Insurance include:-

  • Management of business interruption claims on the same basis
  • Management of a portfolio of claims where the insured has a self-insured retention
  • Advice and representation where insurers refuse a claim or apply restrictive terms
  • Litigation support, including expert witness work
  • Dispute resolution and mediation
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Risk management advice, statistical collection and analysis

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