Risk Management

Protect your Assets

Accidents cost money. No matter what size your business is or whatever your activities are, effective Risk Management is crucial in order to:

  • Keep insurance costs to a minimum
  • Provide safe working conditions for your employees
  • Reduce the likelihood of enforcement action
  • Improve profits and the success of your business

Our Stance on Risk Management is about practical steps to protect people from real harm and suffering.

Business Risk
The approach is to seek a balance between the unachievable aim of absolute safety and a poor management approach that can damages lives and your business. Utilizing our in House Risk Control Surveyor, who will work with you and your insurer and to achieve effective Risk Management.

Manage the Risk
As you will see in the Manage the risk section we have an associated company Envirocare Consultancy who can provide you with fully qualified Chartered Safety & Health Practitioners and assist with all matters relating to this.

Human Resources
Bespoke Human Resources advise specifically tailored to your company can also be provided. Please see the Human Resources Section for full details.

Claims Assistance
By offering policies that provide loss adjusters (who normally act on behalf of insurance companies), we are able to supply you with your own chartered loss Adjuster who will be able to stand in your shoes and fight your corner for prompt and equitable settlement of claims.

Ultimately, every company involved in the insurance industry will be judged on how they respond to claims and loss, and that is why we have built very significant resources to manage our clients’ claims.