Photo driving license expiry – £1,000 fine

We are making you aware that unwitting motorists are now facing £1,000 fine if their photo card driving licence expires.

Thousands of motorists are at risk for being fined up to £1,000 because they are unwittingly driving without a valid licence. There is extremely small print on the photo licence which says the card automatically expires after 10 years and has to be renewed, even though drivers are licensed to drive until the age of 70.

The situation has come to light a decade after the first batch of photo licences were issued in July of 98, and most organisations have blamed the Government for this as most drivers believe their licences were for life.

A total of 25,000,000 new style licences have been issued but motor experts say that drivers were never sufficiently warned that their photo card licence will expire after 10 years and the public must apply for a new one with an up to date photo.

We suggest you note the expiry of your card and make arrangements to apply for a new one in advance so that the situation does not affect you.