Offices insurance: Why it’s still important

With more businesses returning to the office, many are neglecting the importance of offices insurance.

We are all happy to have some normality back following the pandemic, especially getting back to the office environment where colleagues can once again meet face to face.

However, is your Offices Insurance suitable to cover the way you now operate?

Many businesses have offered flexibility to where they work by giving staff a choice of working remotely and in the office due to some feeling anxious over mixing with others.

We can help you find Offices Insurance that has been tailored to protecting your business from everyday risks, whether they are working from home or back in the office.

All of the policies we put forward to you include the essential parts of any cover for a business: premises, Public and employers’ liability insurance, and the protection of your assets.

The inclusion of premise cover provides peace of mind for your own office and staff working at another office location and even those working remotely. This can be a fire, break-in or a leak to any work area.

Public and employers’ liability insurance ensures your business is protected should an accident occur in one of your operating locations. We advise that assessments be carried out on all your working locations, even if your employees have yet to return to the office, so you are more than prepared.

Protection of assets cover provides protection should damage, or theft occurs to your computers, equipment or even stock on your premises or in transit. Many businesses rely on computers to run their day to day operations. Therefore, it is essential for any part of your daily business to be covered for the unexpected.

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