Occupiers duties for snow and ice

We have been asked on many occasions what are the responsibilities of Employers regarding Snow & Ice: Grit or not to Grit?

In the last decade, there has been some winters worse than others. Increased amounts of snow fall and ice have made everybody’s life more difficult and Insurance claims for broken limbs from slips and trips have increased significantly in the work place.

Solicitors have now produced a factsheet on the expected duties of a business or individual in taking reasonable care in all the circumstances to ensure visitors and employees safety.

The key point is “reasonable” care and thought needs to be given in identifying the risk, considering  the resources available and what steps can be taken to address the hazards. This will lead the employer to:-

  • Identify the outdoor areas used by pedestrians most likely to be affected by ice
  • Identify those thoroughfares most likely to be used on a given day
  • Monitor the temperature
  • Take preventative measures where freezing and/or snow is forecast
  • Apply procedures to prevent the formation of ice or the build-up of snow (gritting and shovelling)
  • Keep pedestrians off slippery or untreated surfaces (warnings and even “no entry, untreated path” signs)

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