Managing Static Caravan Insurance

Static caravans make for a perfect holiday home, yet being a high-value product, it is advisable you protect them with Static Caravan Insurance. 

A holiday home park will usually require you to have insurance and £5 million in Public Liability. Having insurance on your holiday home, such as the insurance we offer at L Wood, will naturally offer the safeguards you will likely need to protect from loss or damage and any requirements set by holiday home parks. 

Holiday homes are subject to theft and damage. Insurance on this investment will cover debris removal, repairs, and re-siting. Our insurance covers emergency accommodation costs, damage caused by vermin and risks posed to the patio and decking. In the event of a fire, flood, or storm, your insurance plan will cover significant damage. 

In the winter months, it is essential your holiday home is protected, as a common cause of damage is burst pipes causing water to escape. L Wood covers any damage that may occur from this kind of damage, provided clients follow the guidelines. 

Managing your caravan insurance will often mean following different instructions and understanding what may not be covered in your plan, including damages caused by gradual deterioration or poor maintenance of your holiday home. Our team can help you understand how to manage your insurance.

We offer insurance coverage that will be either Market Value or Reinstatement ‘New for Old’. Market Value means the cost of replacing a static caravan at its present value, considering the year it was manufactured, the model and brand and any wear and tear. Reinstatement “new for old” means that the entire holiday home and its contents will be covered and replaced as new in the event any damage is done. 

Our team can help you decide what is the best choice for you, as there will be different plans depending on the size and features of your holiday home. 

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