Liabilities – what can go wrong?

Employers Liability

A brewery company employee climbed onto a conveyor belt to remove some jammed cans. He slipped and trapped his arm in the conveyor belt. The employer was held liable for his injuries because of inadequate training and lack of proper procedures

An office worker sustained a back injury whilst lifting boxes of stationery. The employer was held liable for his injuries because there were no records proving that the appropriate training had taken place.

Public Liability

A customer using a shop’s toilet slipped on the wet floor and injured her leg. The shop owner was held liable for her injuries because they were unable to demonstrate that the toilet was inspected and cleaned at regular intervals.

An engineer visiting the office of a firm of accountants to repair a passenger lift, tripped over trailing wire cables and broke his hip. The accountants firm was held liable for his injuries because they had failed to provide a safe environment.

These are only examples. The circumstances of each claim vary and are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording.

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