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Coronavirus: What UK employers and employees should know

31/03/20 General

The deadly coronavirus has spread from China and entered the United Kingdom. Knowledge, caution and preparation can help protect employees and businesses. You will have seen the recent news reports regarding the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, and its subsequent spread to a number of other countries. This situation is developing and […]

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Coronavirus Highlights Need to Understand Your Insurance Cover

24/03/20 General

Reported cases of Coronavirus (COV- ID-19), first reported in Wuhan, China on December 31 2019, have reached pandemic levels, with 48,010 laboratory confirmed cases detected in 25 countries as of February 14 2020, and 1383 deaths. But it is the epicentre of the outbreak, in China and Hubei province in particular, which is affecting not […]

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Coronavirus Update

23/03/20 General

Coronavirus Update : Further to yesterday’s announcement, our dedicated staff will be working from home, therefore please contact the numbers attached for us to continue to service your Insurance enquires and requirements. However if the situation and government advice changes, and that we will be limiting office operations, please see the list of contact numbers […]

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Saving your breath

10/03/20 General

Every year, thousands of people die or develop serious health conditions as a result of breathing in harmful dust and fumes at work. Fitting and maintaining appropriate local exhaust ventilation can help to protect employees from this risk. Breathing in airborne contaminants that include dust, mist, fumes, gas or vapours may cause a number of […]

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