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Business Insurance – What is it? Do I need it?

11/09/18 General

Anybody running a business, no matter how small, needs to consider business insurance. Whether you are self-employed or run a small or medium sized business you need a good insurance policy that protects you, your business and your sources of income. Business insurance comes in many forms, including tradesmen insurance, buy to let insurance and […]

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

05/09/18 General

In April 2018, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came into force in England and Wales. These regulations apply to both domestic and non-domestic rented properties, plus mixed-use developments, comprising both residential and commercial premises. Under MEES, it is now illegal for a landlord to let or renew a lease on a residential or commercial […]

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Cyber Insurance is not just a good idea, but an absolute necessity

28/08/18 General

Cyber-crime is growing at a phenomenal rate and is hardly ever out of the news. Unfortunately, there is a still a sentiment prevalent within some British businesses that “it will never happen to me”, although the reality is that many businesses are being targeted every single day. When we asked one of our insurers for […]

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Helping to make the Claims experience less painful

21/08/18 General

Insurance is often referred to as a ‘grudge purchase’, a necessary evil and something that only really delivers any value if the policyholder is propelled by an accident or incident towards the ‘moment of truth’ – the time at which they have to call on their policy and make a claim. At that point, it […]

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What will Brexit mean for your insurance?

14/08/18 General

Britain’s withdrawal from the EU is scheduled for March 30 2019 and there will be ramifications in many industry sectors. But exactly how will it impact the insurance markets and company or individuals’ insurance policies? The simple answer is that nobody has an answer. Insurers are currently issuing renewals for dates stretching beyond the date […]

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