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New Risks Could Emerge at This Summer’s Festivals

06/08/19 General

The Glastonbury music festival is on the horizon, but the mountain of plastic waste generated at the last event, staged in 2017, will not be making a return and new risks could emerge within the plastics void. The festival has just announced a total ban on single-use water bottles, to try to avoid any negativity […]

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Fluid Employment Situation Brings New Pressures to the Hospitality Sector

31/07/19 General
fluid employment situation

The hospitality sector’s hoteliers and restaurant owners are under new pressure and are being urged need to review their employment practices, records and attitudes towards staff, both to assist recruitment and because of a ruling at a recent tribunal. Recruitment has become a huge struggle in the over-stretched industry and many of the European workers […]

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Time to Take Note of Vegans’ Legal Rights

23/07/19 General

A Manchester-based vegan restaurant gave away 100 free breakfasts on March 4, as it demonstrated the appeal of a plant-based diet to a wider audience, but there are many other restaurants which have not yet embraced veganism or understood vegans’ rights in law. There has been a 360% increase in veganism over the past 10 […]

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Vulnerable to theft

16/07/19 General

Although generally speaking there has been a downward trend in the theft of vehicles since 1995, in the year to March 2018, there was an increase of motor thefts, the highest annual total since 2009. Due to the way vehicle crime is recorded, it’s not possible to understand the exact nature of the vehicle thefts, […]

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