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Media Businesses to Watch the Offence of Offence

18/02/20 General

A recent case heard in the Supreme Court could have serious consequences for media businesses lacking the right insurance protection to fight libel actions. The reporting of the divorce case of Bruno Lachaux, a French aerospace engineer, resulted in libel action being brought against various media titles. Those sued for libel included the Independent, the […]

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Double-check Your Flood Cover

11/02/20 General

Severe floods across South Yorkshire last month (November 2019) created many negative news headlines. A month later, many property owners know they will have to endure a long wait before their claims’ settlement comes through. In other cases, claims have been turned down by insurers, because policies did not cover flooding. Luxury accommodation and spa […]

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Why #MeToo Compliance is Vital in the Workplace

29/01/20 General

In just two years the #MeToo movement has generated headlines worldwide, as women globally have revealed their experiences of sexual harassment and sexual assault at the hands of high-profile figures, politicians and celebrities. Reputations have been damaged irretrievably, as situations have been revealed. As the #MeToo website says, “we want perpetrators to be held accountable.” […]

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Keep Your Fleet’s Medical Reporting Duties Top of Mind

21/01/20 General

Running a transport fleet involves a plethora of things to think about each day, from route-planning to the legal requirement to perform daily vehicle checks, but one thing that should not slip your mind relates to your employees’ medical conditions and mental health. Through what is known as vicarious liability, an employer is “liable for […]

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