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Product Liability Risks in the Fight Against COVID-19

11/05/21 General

The pandemic has deeply affected many aspects of business life, including insurance requirements, cover terms and limits. However, one area potentially being overlooked, amidst a euphoria surrounding UK vaccine rollouts, is the latent risk, which some businesses have often unwittingly adopted, whilst assisting the fight against COVID-19.  Tackling a global health crisis has seen resources […]

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Insurance claims: is it time to get an expert in your corner?

04/05/21 General

According to leading claims experts, there are insurance lessons needing to be learned from COVID-19 and the way in which the industry has handled the claims of insured policyholders. Criticism of the way in which certain insurers have handled Business Interruption (BI) claims may have left clients questioning the value of having insurance protection. Clarity […]

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Overseas Trade: what to consider in 2021

27/04/21 General

So far in 2021, we have not only seen the continuation of the worldwide pandemic crisis but also the final arrival of a full Brexit. With all of the pressures and changes, what key things should businesses consider, if carrying out business globally, or in the EU?  December 2020 demonstrated the extent to which shipping […]

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Farm Diversification Requires the Right Insurance Backing

13/04/21 General

Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions on leisure, retail and other economic activity, have further highlighted the benefits of diversification within the agricultural sector.  Having various income streams has been shown to have tangible advantages. Diversification had already been embraced by many farms, be that through the opening of a farm shop, the creation of holiday […]

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