How to Protect Your Home in Winter

The colder months bring with them a whole host of challenges, particularly when it comes to keeping your home maintenance under check.

If you’re looking for ways to minimise weather-related risks and save money on heating bills and house repairs, we’ve put handy hints and tips to help.

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Clean your gutters

Keeping your gutters clean is paramount to protecting your home. Clearing them regularly and removing leaves and debris prevents the risk of overflow, dampness, and ice forming below. 

Prevent burst pipes

Among the most expensive insurance claims made during the winter are frozen or burst pipes. To ensure you’re not at risk of the expense and inconvenience, take essential steps to avoid your pipes bursting. Remind yourself where the stop valve is, keep your home as warm as possible with the heating low, make sure that taps are properly turned off, and examine your pipelines regularly. 

Waterproof the roof

It’s best to make sure your roof is waterproof in mild, dry climates, so aim to check this before and after winter. A well-insulated and waterproof roof will keep you warm in the colder months and save you lots of money. Keep it well-maintained, and check for cracks, damage, slipping tiles, and moss. 

Weatherproof the doors and windows.

Saving you energy and repair costs, ensuring your external door and window frames are winterised is essential. Inspect them for signs of cracks, leakages, mould, and damage, and fix them promptly if there are any issues. 

Check for internal damage.

It’s important to check your home for damage all year round, but winter is the time to start thinking about repairs that need attention. Make sure your heater and boiler are free from damage, as well as handrails, carpets, floors, stairways, and tiles.

Take precautions for fire.

There are important steps that you can take to prevent fire damage in your home. Always plan for emergency scenarios, keep fire extinguishers and fire doors installed and maintained, and check for damage to your fire and smoke alarms and sprinkler system.

We have much more advice on how to look after your home, during winter and beyond. For our support, get in touch with L Wood today.