Green Cards for driving in the EU are scrapped for British motorists

The European Commission has confirmed plans to scrap the Green Card for British drivers to use their cars in EU countries. 

The announcement means British motorists are still part of the free circulation zone and therefore don’t require the added cover. 

It was believed that after Britain left the EU, the Green Card would be reintroduced as a proof of insurance document.

This would have meant any driver without a Green Card facing fines, prosecution or having their car impounded if caught driving in an EU country.

One of the reasons for dropping the Green Card is because the European Commission was looking to reduce tension around the Northern Ireland protocol.

Northern Irish drivers have needed to carry a Green Card when visiting other EU destinations, which includes the neighbouring Republic of Ireland.

Drivers have to carry the Green Card during their visits to Ireland and will be checked at borders with risk of legal action should they not able to produce it. 

While confirmation of the Green Card being scrapped has been announced, the rules are yet to come into force.

Therefore, anyone taking their car to Europe will still need to get a Green Card from their insurer before they head to an EU country and non-EU countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Andorra.

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