Fraud and computer misuse crimes rise by over a third during the pandemic

The Crime Survey for England and Wales has seen fraud and computer misuse rise by more than a third with the coronavirus pandemic being a factor.

Estimates showed 4.6 million fraud offences were committed in the year ending March 2021, highlighting a 24% increase compared with the year before.

The rise in computer misuse offences was cited by a 162% increase in hacking and unauthorised access to personal information.

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise for a number of years with fraudsters seemingly taking even more advantage with businesses having to work online.

Many businesses have returned back to the office but some have completely developed a new way of working with continued remote operations and cloud-based software.

It is important to ensure your insurance covers your new working environment as well as the one you have returned to. 

With more of your information stored online than ever before, it is down to you to ensure it is secure on behalf of your customers. 

Having Cyber Liability & Financial Crime insurance provides peace of mind should you become a victim to a serious breach.

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