How a new insurance product is now making it easier to insure educational trips

With the world opening up again, a new insurance product is giving schools and youth groups the confidence to book trips abroad.

As COVID-19 travel restrictions ease, more schools and youth groups are considering booking overseas educational visits again. 

While many of the considerations around taking groups abroad are still uncertain, at least one recent development in the insurance market has made it easier to book educational trips with confidence.

The return of educational visits abroad 

So what has changed? Firstly, we have seen a relaxation in the guidance from the Government’s Department of Education, which has made it possible for educational trips abroad to happen again. 

Those changes were driven in part by a challenge to existing regulations from the School Travel Forum, the industry group that represents school travel companies. 

The new guidance – which was introduced in July – puts the power to decide whether to book educational trips abroad back into the hands of teachers and educators. 

While these changes were welcome, there were still issues around trip organisers feeling confident that they had adequate travel insurance in place if they did go ahead and book a trip. 

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