Do you know what your stock may be sat next to?

Many businesses play a game of risk when it comes to sending products overseas. They feel that since it has left their premise that it is no longer their problem, despite that not being the case.

The responsibility of your items remains yours until delivery is successful. In certain cases, you can claim back losses from the transport company, but no guarantee it will be valued the same.

Having comprehensive cover for your goods in transit is vital for peace of mind, especially since you often have no idea what goods are sat alongside yours. 

In a recent incident off the coast of Sri Lanka, a chemical fire caused an explosion on a cargo ship. The vessel fire required action from the Sri Lanka Royal Navy rescue crew but after days of fighting, the crew abandoned the ship.

It was revealed that the cargo ship was carrying 25 tonnes of nitric acid as well as other goods. Containers were seen falling into the ocean after failed attempts to stop the fire.

Although your good might be safe during transit, this does not mean those around are the same. Cargo ships are used to carry flammable goods, high-risk items and heavy goods, which could even play a role in capsizing the vessel.

If you are sending good abroad by either air or sea, we would recommend assessing your current transport and ensure cover is in place so you do not incur any heavy losses.

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