Cover All Event Eventualities This Summer

Summer 2022 could be the first in a while in which you are staging an event, erecting marquees or staging, or welcoming enthusiastic festival goers. If that’s the case, quickly dust off your health and safety manuals and refresh yourself on all you need to consider, to keep the public, staff and volunteers safe and avoid financial loss.

From marshalling to marquee safety, and from traffic management to trip hazards, you need to be on the ball. This starts by having a plan – working out what your event risk management needs, according to

the scale of the event, its duration and its timing.

Considering the worst-case scenario is key. Any event organiser has a duty of care to everyone involved, from set shifters to musicians, and from children playing on hired-in equipment like bouncy castles, to those tucking into local fayre from food stalls. Check that volunteers driving your mini-buses are actually covered. Know that your food exhibitors practice allergen control.

The starting point relates to legalities. Do you need special licences, what insurances must you legally hold and which other covers could protect you, should the heavens open, an accident or emergency occur or a contractual dispute breaks out? Talking of contracts, make sure any third parties involved have valid and sufficient public liability insurance, as well as the right qualifications to provide the services offered. Let a solicitor examine contracts, to ensure there is no shifting of liability onto your shoulders if something goes wrong.

Asking ‘what if?’ will get the right medical back-up and organisational systems in place, ensure fire prevention measures are robust and help you think of everything, right down to cash handling and crowd control.

If you have to work with animals and children, consider specific risks attached

to each, from wild animal ‘escape’, to background checks on volunteers and staff. Meanwhile, ensure training in all aspects of health and safety is tip-top.

Electrical and gas equipment carries an inherent risk, as do potentially unstable structures, particularly if susceptible to bad weather or changing ground conditions. Some aspects of your entertainment could be ‘hazardous’, from climbing wall experiences to fireworks. Check all activities are covered by your public liability insurance cover. If not, enquire about stand-alone policies.

Covid-19 has added another layer of event risk, so consider everything from sanitary and toilet services, to clean air supply and social distancing at pinch points. Remember, Covid-19 has not gone away. Duty of care means controlling its risks.

Then, there are the financial risks associated with running an event possibly decimated by bad weather, nearby terror attacks or withdrawal of your top act. All can potentially be covered by insurance policies, whether that is through a pluvius, cancellation or terrorism policy.

Getting advice from an expert broker pays dividends. We can spot risk loopholes

and provide advice that is just the ticket. Work with us and you should find it is

your activities and acts, rather than your accidents and mistakes, that are the headline makers.

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