Caravan parks fraught with hazards

Caravan Parks can be fraught with hazards, especially with holiday makers arriving on mass, often tired after a long stressful journey.

As a Caravan Park or Holiday Park owner, thought needs to be given about the safety of the visitors to ensure satisfactory journey through the Park including lighting and walkways.

There are an increasing number of incidents of trips which are documented in local news throughout the UK. We regularly see articles of a holiday maker walking from his caravan tripped on a broken area of tarmac which wasn’t properly lit up even though this issue had been reported to the Caravan Park owners.

If the visitor unfortunately fractures bones requiring treatment, five figure sums can be awarded to the claimant with the Caravan Park owners being liable.

Other incidents can include slips in the shower area or even a slip from a spillage at the site bar.

With Caravan and Leisure Parks diversifying to accommodate newer trends, it is important to be remindful the customers and make sure they are looked after.

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