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Planning to head out on the open road this summer? Or perhaps you’re planning on getting away from it all and enjoying the sunshine on the coast?

Whether you’re taking your own caravan or renting a static caravan elsewhere, it makes total sense to insure your caravan throughout your time away.

Caravan insurance is by no means compulsory, but at L Wood & Co we believe there are too many good reasons not to consider a comprehensive policy for your mobile home:-

It’s highly recommended by the Camping and Caravan Club

The world’s biggest and oldest club dedicated to all aspects of camping and caravanning encourages all holidaymakers to insure their static or mobile caravan. Mobile caravans transported by car will not be protected under most car insurance policies.

Meanwhile, the Camping and Caravanning Club says that having a dedicated insurance policy simply covers all bases, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your time away.

Take care of your possessions – wherever you are

We all enjoy life’s luxuries and there’s no doubt that you’ll be taking some of your prized possessions in your caravan on holiday. Caravan insurance will protect the entire contents of your caravan, so that should the worst happen and you are burgled overnight or when you’re out enjoying yourself you can make a swift, stress-free claim without losing a penny.

Guard against accidental damage

Caravans make the perfect holiday destinations for all ages, from young families to retired couples. While you’re enjoying yourself there’s no guarantee that accidents won’t happen. A comprehensive caravan policy will cover life’s little mishaps and avoid unwanted repair costs.

Financial protection for flood or storm damage

There can be no denying that caravans are more fragile structures than a holiday cottage or apartment, after all they’re not made of bricks and mortar! Nevertheless, by insuring your caravan during your time away you’ll protect your caravan against vicious storm or flood damage that’s always a potential issue if you’re staying along the British coastline. Don’t let mother nature hit you in the wallet with expensive repair costs to site owners.

Make claims for malicious vandalism

Caravans can be easier targets for vandals due to their reduced structural integrity. Whether it’s smashed doors or windows, dented metalwork or malicious graffiti, choose a caravan insurance policy and secure the right level of protection for your mobile holiday home.

L Wood Insurance Brokers are the premium choice for caravaners across the UK. With cover arranged for over 1,000 caravans, we have the experience to advise you on the best policy to suit your requirements.

For further information on these services, please contact us on 01274 515 747 or email us at mail@lwood.co.uk

Bespoke Insurance Solution

Every company is different and requires a Bespoke Insurance Programme to be suitable for their needs.

Risk Management

Our Health and Safety consultants can advise on managing your risks which in turn can reduce insurance costs.


With over 50 years in the Leisure and Hospitality industry we can advise on the key risks that face your business and what you need to do to reduce them

The ever changing world of insurance is complex and L Wood & Co Ltd have consistently provided the correct advice on the levels of insurance required for many years together with an excellent claims service. Being a family business gives them a “down to earth” approach and their assistance has been greatly appreciated. We are more than happy to recommend them.

Roger Thompson

In an industry that is somewhat confusing with ever changing regulations, Tom and Kevin at L Wood & Co Ltd have consistently provided excellent advice on the levels of insurance we require. As a global company with offices across the world, our insurance requirements are specialised and they have always provided excellent service and good advice. I have no doubts in recommending L Wood to anyone that requires a tailored insurance programme.

Vicki Horsfield

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