Caravan insurance: it's not compulsory, but it's wise

Although there are no legal obligations to have static caravan insurance, there are certainly some very good reasons to having a policy. In fact, it’s something the Camping and Caravan club strongly recommends to all its members.

Holiday parks generally require you have third party liability insurance, but take a look at some of the compelling benefits of having a comprehensive policy for your caravan: whether it’s a holiday home or rental investment.

Protect your contents

Thieves can see caravans as an easy target to break into. Contents insurance will cover the likes of TVs, microwaves and games consoles as well as items such as lamps and purely ornamental pieces.

As with house insurance, you can also get cover for accidental damage to your belongings. It makes sense to treat your caravan in the same way as your home when it comes to protecting the things you keep in it.

Risk of storm or flood damage

As caravans are not made of bricks and mortar, they simply do not have the same resilience to bad weather as houses. Even hail can lead to significant repair work.

A storm does not have to be particularly violent to cause serious damage to a caravan and the fix can be costly. Insurance can cover the whole of your pitch, which means you can also protect a veranda, decking and any furniture that’s kept outside.

If the worst happens and your caravan is damaged beyond reasonable repair in a storm, then it’s highly likely that the site owner will expect you to pay for it to be removed. There will also be costs associated with siting the new caravan you buy to replace it.

Malicious damage

Don’t forget that caravans can attract vandals, and the types of criminal damage reported by caravaners from all over the UK include: smashed windows and doors, graffiti, dented metalwork and scratches.

L Wood Insurance Brokers, a premium choice for caravaners

L Wood has arranged cover for around 1000 caravans and we’ll use our experience to offer expert advice on the best policy to suit your specific needs.

We are an insurance broker in Bingley that looks after customers from across the UK and abroad. We know your caravan is an asset in more than one sense, so we’ll ensure you have the right level of protection for it.

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