Rum is the new Gin as sales top £1 billion

rum is the new gin

Rum is fast becoming a UK favourite after seeing a similar rise to gin over the last few years.

The food and drink industry often see trends changing year on year. One minute it is craft beer and pulled pork, the next it is gin and plant-based food. 

Drink industry experts have seen a trend in consumers favouring quality over quantity, resulting in less drinking but more turning to expensive spirits.

The market shift has seen consumers look at origin and age when selected spirits, which has been backed by luxury rum sales being on the rise during 2015-2020.

Rum distillers have also followed gin makers successful methods by introducing more innovative flavoured rums and aiming to be more prominent in the cocktail market. 

It is even expected that the flavoured sector will be bigger than white rum in off-trade by the end of the year.

Following the craft gin boom known as the “ginaissance”, rum looks likely to be the next big thing in the drinks industry. 

With over 50 years of experience in the food and drink industry, we understand the risks that come with the expansion needed for distilleries to grow there business. 

Many distilleries have started to broaden their range to include numerous spirits instead of specialising on a particular one. 

The results of this mean new equipment, staff and potentially more risks.

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