Funding and Food Changes Make Farm Insurance Attractive

11/06/19 General

The benefits of the ‘fork to field’ message that British farming has promoted for more than a decade is being eroded, according to research surveys. In one survey, commissioned by AAK Foodservice, 89% of adults say they care how healthy their food is and 39% are cutting back on meat consumption. Vegans should soon account […]

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Cyber Insurance Should Protect Hotel Records and CRM Systems

04/06/19 General

Cyber criminals are finding the hospitality sector an easy target, as a number of international hotel groups have found, having had their guest records stolen or compromised. All individual hotels and hotel chains should brace themselves for a cyber attack, as this may be more a probability than a possibility. Cyber insurance is virtually a […]

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Plastic Engineering and Recycling Needs Insurance to Play its Part

28/05/19 General

Whilst the word ‘plastic’ is typically found in negative headlines these days, much of Britain’s manufacturing innovation and innovation is being driven by plastics engineering. The recycling of plastic waste and the use of plastic in advanced applications is increasing continually as new solutions to issues are sought. Insurance cover needs to back these developments. […]

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Directors & Officers – A broadening risk landscape

21/05/19 General

The role of a company director or owner can be a stressful one. In addition to the responsibility of making the right strategic decisions for the organisation, directors also face the implications of a broadening risk landscape and an ever-present threat of a claim being brought against them as a result of their actions. Whilst […]

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Laying claim to the fastest reporting

14/05/19 General

The world of motor claims management is changing apace. The main challenge is that of achieving continuous improvement in claims management, whilst keeping claims’ costs as low as possible, thus minimising any possible knock-on effect of higher premiums. There is growing awareness that faster reporting of accidents can greatly assist. If an insurer can be […]

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