Farm Diversification Requires the Right Insurance Backing

13/04/21 General

Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions on leisure, retail and other economic activity, have further highlighted the benefits of diversification within the agricultural sector.  Having various income streams has been shown to have tangible advantages. Diversification had already been embraced by many farms, be that through the opening of a farm shop, the creation of holiday […]

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Plant and Equipment Testing Under Covid-19 Needs Careful Risk Handling

06/04/21 General

Covid-19 is placing strains on resources across the employment spectrum and in all industries, to some extent or other.  In manufacturing and engineering, however, the lack of availability of machinery service and testing specialists, coupled with often reduced internal manpower and backlogs in testing by official examiners, is creating a situation with heightened risk and […]

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Directors and Consultants Take Cover as Distaste for Biodegradable Plastics Grows

23/03/21 General

A shift in eco messaging in the world of plastics recycling could potentially have repercussions in boardrooms across the UK, highlighting why a particular type of insurance cover – Directors & Officers – is worth considering, should any managerial decision lead to future legal challenge. Similarly, the latest green thinking has implications for consultants, who […]

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