Smart Factories Need Intelligent Insurance Protection

20/10/20 General

A 20% growth over five years is anticipated in the smart manufacturing platforms’ sector, with experts at the Capgemini Research Institute [1] predicting that the global economy could be boosted by smart factories to the tune of $2 Trillion over the same period. But what do employers seeking to integrate such technology into their current […]

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New Indemnity Risks Surround Complex 3D Printed Structures

13/10/20 General

3D printing in the construction sector is anticipated to generate more complex designs, according to innovators using 3D technology to overcome some of the issues surrounding the creation of concrete structures.[1] There is a strong element of human judgement in the pouring of concrete.  Avoiding the cracking that weakens structures, requires the mixer of the […]

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Farms Suffering from Rise in Theft Need Adequate Insurance

06/10/20 General

What is likely to have been an organised crime gang, stole eight nearly new, New Holland tractors, collectively worth almost £500,000[1], from an Oxfordshire farm machinery dealership recently. Such brazen theft is always a possibility when it comes to high-value farm vehicles. Thieves are attracted to a range of expensive and valuable equipment that can […]

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Could Medical Negligence Claims Spring from Health-Sensor Technology?

29/09/20 General

As the smart watch becomes more sensor-packed healthcare tool than gadget, the healthcare sector may need to be on its guard, particularly when Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has said he hopes healthcare will ultimately be the company’s “most important contribution to humankind.[1] For the past two years, major tech companies has been receiving a steady […]

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